"Claudia Herzog started as a consultant for the EMC EMEA Customer Reference Program.

In a very short time, she had proven her strong ability to execute reference projects across EMEA East and DACH by delivering stellar customer references. EMC jumped at the opportunity to bring Claudia on full time. Claudia’s strong communication skills allow her to work effectively with customers, sales reps and marketing team members. Her sense of accountability is unmatched. Her drive, persistence and reference expertise will be an asset to any company.

Marie Ross, Director, Customer Marketing & References at EMC

Gerne gebe ich eine Empfehlung für Claudia Herzog ab. Sie hat uns durch Ihre Arbeit im Rahmen des Ambassador Reference Programms von Infor Global Solutions immer professionell uns sehr engagiert unterstützt. Ihre Arbeit war damit von grossem Nutzen für das Vertriebsteam - sowohl im Neukundenbereich als auch im Account Management.

Bert Eichler, Senior Account Manager, Infor

"Claudia is a wonderful colleague. Not only is she highly organized and efficient in her work, but also a customer reference expert. When it comes to developing and nurturing customer relationships and managing content creation, she really excels. Whether as a consultant or a team member, Claudia will bring great value to any reference program".

MIke Judd, Marketing Associate at EMC

"I had the pleasure of interacting with Claudia for the past several months, and during that time, found her to be extremely thorough in her job. The projects we worked together were completed without any road blocks or detours and there is no doubt that it was due to 2 excellent qualities she possessed - time management and her ability to co-ordinate with numerous people to get things done. I am convinced she will be an asset in any company she works in."

Raghu Kumar, Content Manager, HP Networking

"Claudia was for us one of those truly valuable persons, that you can really rely on with your business opportunities. With her dedication, help and attention to details, she helped us to connect our customers with references and managed all the process with outmost professionalism. I warmly recommend her."

Oliver Kadak, Experienced Community Builder and Sales Manager