09. Februar 2017

Annual Customer Reference Program Survey by Mainstay - DEADLINE for participation: February, 15th 2017

Mainstay have always done a great job packaging up benchmarks in their annual report so that the entire Customer Reference Program industry gets to see the evolution of Customer Advocacy / Customer Reference Programs.


In order for this report to continue to accurately reflect the Customer Reference environment, it is up to us to support them and make sure to give them as much information about various Customer Reference Programs as possible.


All survey participants will receive a comprehensive Benchmark Report featuring trend analyses, strategic recommendations and graphs that can show you, how your Customer Reference Program (CRP) measures against others – whether you are just starting to build your CRP and efforts around Customer References OR are already running it for some time now. In any case, I am sure each of you will find this information useful for your own company´s purposes!


Here is a link to the survey for everyone who is interested in participating: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2016CRF

10. Mai 2016

Interview mit "Trusted References" zum Aufbau eines Referenzkundenprogramms


10. Mai 2016

Guest post in the Alinea Partners Newsletter "How to build an efficient Customer Reference Program"